• Rue du Pas-de-l’Ours 5 C 3963 Crans
  • crans@cmi.ch
  • 027 564 67 70


  • Preventive examination for premature children, newborns, children, teenagers
  • Diagnosis and therapy of all acute and chronic diseases from birth to late adolescence
  • Vaccines and individual counseling
  • Sports examination
  • Travel medicine
  • Psychosomatic primary care
  • Consultation session (regulation problem, breastfeeding and nutrition, sleep disorders, eating disorders)
  • Full laboratory diagnosis
  • Rapid practice test: Streptococcus A, RSV, Urine, CRP, Hematology
  • Developmental diagnosis, auditory test, visual test (hook e-test, sheet plaque, reading boards, colour sensing test (Ishihara)
  • Language development test
  • Functional development (if suspected of developmental delay)
  • Radiography